Vibration analysis

                          Loudspeaker vibrating at 1500 Hz


 The VibroMap 1000 provides:


  • Vibrations and static displacements measurements
  • Full field amplitude and phase maps
  • Animations
  • Real time function


For vibration analysis of microscopic structures, see our MEMSMap 510


The VibroMap 1000 is based on the technique of TV-holography (or ESPI - Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry).  TV-holography is a laser based interferometric technique for full field, non contact measurements of object surface vibrations and static deflections.  The VibroMap 1000 system is developed with a unique software  which enables accurate measurements with a series of display options, including animations.  Object size may vary from less than a centimeters up to several meters. Amplitudes down to a nanometer can be detected.




VibroMap 1000

The VibroMap 1000 is an excellent tool when you want to:

-    design your mechanical structure without vibrations and resonances, or
-    design the structure with controlled vibrations and controlled resonances
-    avoid noise and fatique fracture

-    test products from a production line
-    evaluate and control your FEM analysis results
-    ensure correct functionality of your designed structure

Some typical vibration measurement applications for the VibroMap 1000

Engine components
Electronic components
Turbine blades
Car bodies
Microstructures (see also MEMSMAp 510)
Underwater applications (through window)




Full scale car door vibrating at 860 Hz                   Real time amplitude fringes of car brake

                                                                                          vibrating at different frequencies


Sound field measurements
The VibroMap 1000 can also be used for sound field measurements, see example below.

Sound in water:  An ultrasonci transducer submerged in water (on top) emits 140 kHz sound waves.  A small metal ball is hanging in a wire below the transducer, and the sound waves are reflected from the ball


Courtesy of Dr. Rustad.



Deformation measurements and NDT applications

The VibroMap 1000 can also be used for static deflection measurements.  For more advanced deformation analysis, for example in connection to Nondestructive Testing applications, Optonor AS delivers a special deformation analysis software, see the separate NDT section (SNT 4045).