Laser based systems for research, development and product testing

Vibration measurements
Static deflection measurements
Analysis of MEMS and microscopic structures
High frequency transducer measurements
Nondestructive Testing NDT

With more than 100 systems delivered to customers worldwide, Optonor is established as a leading manufacturer of laser based, interferometric systems for vibration analysis, static deflection measurements and non-destructive testing. Our MEMSMap 510 for analysis of MEMS structures and transducers performs full field measurements up to 240 MHz or higher, while the VibroMap 1000 TV-holography (ESPI) system can analyse structures from sub centimeter to meter in size. The SNT 4045 system for non-destructive testing of large and small structures can detect vibrations in the nano range even in workshop environments.


High quality and cost effective solutions based on

TV-holography (ESPI)

Structured illumination

Vibration analysis
The VibroMap 1000 TV-holography system is used for vibration measurements and static deflection measurements of structures and components ranging in size from sub centimeter to meter. The system provides high resolution, non contact measurements with real time display and full field recordings.
Microscopic analysis
New 3D system for measurement of both in-plane and out-of-plane vibrations.  The new MEMSMap 510 XYZ provides full field and 3D measurements of vibrations up to 240 MHz.  In-plane and out-of plane measurements can be done on structures ranging in size from a few micrometer and up to several millimeter.  3D animations show full 3D vectorial behaviour of the structure with phase relation between x, y and z movements.
Non-destructive Testing

The SNT 4045 provides ultra high sensitivity recordings to detect debonds and structural inhomogenities in small or large structures and components. The laser based NDT system with non contact and long distance operation provides a powerful tool for fast and efficient non destructive testing of materials and structures

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